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Description: AUZAS 01 is an autonomous and automated system intended for recording and analysing results of eddy-current tests for diagnostics of heat exchanger tubes. The system consists of a mechanism that allows automatic probe movement, a pneumatic gripper and a data acquisition module. The device is operated by means of a portable computer or a tablet with a dedicated application, and therefore the user has unlimited possibilities of saving and processing the measurement data. The system can also operate in the manual mode, it behaves then like a typical eddy current flaw detector. Features: − automated probe extraction and signal recording in the function of probe position in the tube being tested, − automatic detection of defects and visualisation thereof in exchanger geometry in the form of C-type imaging, − testing can be performed by one operator which significantly reduces the cost, − auto-calibration based on the entered pattern models, − option of saving and archiving results for comparative purposes during subsequent inspections, − two-channel measuring system allowing use of low and high frequencies, − quick report generating thanks to built-in statistical functions, − preview and verification of selected exchanger elements thanks to the previously saved results, − eddy-current flaw detector functionality. Our company realizes individual ofert, solves untypical problems and provides a complete service from idea to implementation. More information about our company and products is available on our website: For any questions, please contact with us by email: or by telephone: 0048 12 444 63 20
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About company: The research and development activity is the driving force behind our company. We solve unique problems within the scope of non-destructive testing. We specialise in manufacturing dedicated diagnostic equipment. Our systems operate based on ultrasonic and eddy-current testing. Our solutions have applications in among others the automotive, power and shipbuilding industries.
Company address: Cracow
Phone: 00 48 12 444 63 20

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