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Electro Heating window

Description: Windows play an important role in creation of the comfortable atmosphere indoors. For this reason the area of a glazing of buildings constantly increases. The electrowarmed-up glass allows to solve the problems connected with the low temperature of a surface flew down and noticeably to increase comfort level in rooms. Glass with an electrical heating eliminates the inconveniences and defects caused by low heat-insulating properties of silicate glass. As the person is capable to feel heat and cold, the actual ambient temperature isn't the only factor defining the general feeling of comfort. In reality the greater influence, than air temperature have the thermal radiation of surrounding surfaces. If the surface flew down cold, for maintenance of the comfortable atmosphere it is necessary to increase the heating temperature that increases power consumption. When heating a surface of glass the effect of "a cold window" disappears, moisture condensation is prevented, the frost and snow cover is removed, heatlosses of a window are compensated, thereby creating the atmosphere of comfort indoors. The heated glass – TERMO KLAAS can be also used as the main system of heating and be combined with heating systems of a floor and a ceiling. The similar combination promotes decrease in total heatlosses of a construction, thereby reducing costs of heating. Besides, application of the warmed windows allows to use a useful area of the room more rationally as excludes need of installation of massive subwindow radiators. Technological process of production of double-glazed windows with an electrical heating almost doesn't differ from production of usual double-glazed windows. The main distinction between them — this existence of wires of power supply and, if necessary, temperature sensor wires. The temperature sensor allows to trace temperature of the warmed glass with high precision and to exclude possibility of an overheat of a product. In order to avoid defeat by a current, the carrying-out covering always is from within a double-glazed window or triplex. For production of glass with electrical heating TERMO KLAAS the safety tempered glass which durability is several times higher, than at usual glass is used only. Destruction of the tempered glass leads to formation of safe splinters. Thus the conducting layer loses integrity that leads to operation of the automatic safety lock which is disconnecting glass power supply. Contact tires (electrodes) are in triplex, access to them is impossible without destruction of a product. Heating glass TERMO KLAAS can be used practically in all types of the systems of a glazing made of a tree, plastic or aluminum. The warmed glass and double-glazed windows can be used both in deafs, and in the opened designs, winter gardens, greenhouses, windows by the ships and so forth. Advantages of the electrowarmed glass: No need service Eliminates condensate Reduces dust level indoors - are ideally suited for allergic persons Reduces construction cost due to the lack of convection channels Economy of space due to the lack of radiators or other heaters Profitability in installation and operation The almost not destroyed Decrease in accounts for the electric power Allows architects and designers to use the much bigger areas of a glazing. Glass with an electrical heating can be used in combination with other systems: With the computerized control systems like "Smart house" It can be used with laminated and figured I flew down It can be used in a combination to smart glass of variable transparency It can be used in combination with internal blinds It can be connected to the alarm system as the security sensor It can be used in combination with panels of solar photo cells The warmed double-glazed window can be one - or two-chamber. Advantages of a double-glazed window consist in its tightness and ability considerably to lower a heat transfer. Power used 50 – 2500 w/mq Glass with an electrical heating is in most cases applied to heating of windows. The warmed windows are especially useful to use in rooms where people spend much time at windows, the house or at work. The most widespread use of the warmed glass — a window of cottages, office buildings, and also the big areas of a glazing — stained-glass windows, a translucent roof, antiaircraft lamps, peaks, etc. The electrowarmed glass is used also in order to avoid fogging and frosting of a glazing of pools, saunas and other similar structures.
Price: 100.00 Eur/m
Min. Order Quantity: 10 m
Max. Quantity per Month: 1 000 m
Payment: Bank
Category: Building materials , Category: Windows and doors


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