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Description: We offer you kennels: Made in accordance with specialists recommendations; Your preferred size; Hot-galvanized durable kennel frames; Conveniently and securely mounted feeder, to ensure safe feeding even after leaving the dog care to someone else; Antiseptic-impregnated wooden basis and walls; Wooden walls protect your pet from wind, provide shelter during harsh weather and shade on a hot sunny day; Lifted from the ground kennel floor makes the air gap which prevents wood from decay, keeps your pet from the cold and makes easy to clean up under the kennel; The gap between the floor and the walls helps to maintain cleanliness in the kennel; Wall wood boards interlocks into a U-shape profile which prevents from dog gnawing the board endings. Also it‘s easier to change the wood boards if needed; Adjustable roof height and slope; Feeding rotates 180º and adjustable height according to a dog size; Inward opening doors; Door and feeding with a damper and padlock opportunity; Non-monolithic construction makes it easy to move kennel to another place, change the roof slope or swap wall sides if necessary;
Price: 730.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Payment: Bank



About company: Wholesale and retail trading: -garage and yard gates; -industrial gates; -automatics for gates; -metal fences; -metal roof and wall coverings; -protective louvers for windows and doors; -road bars; -fence posts; -emergency ladders; -medical crepe paper. Production: -profiling of galvanized, painted roof and wall coverings; -different products from galvanized, painted tin (ridges, windowsills, perforated sidings, down pipes, parapets); -metal fences; -fences for balconies and stairs; -aviaries.
Company address: Ramygalos 137F, LT-36220 Panevezys
Phone: +370 45 586661

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