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Intelligent multimedia classroom

Description: Wall-mounted integrated teaching system Item No. GY-DMT018 Basic configuration and parameters 1. Wall-mounted structure, sheet metal thickness is greater than 1.2mm 2. When opening the control door of the physical display stand, the air bar will pop up the door and keep it horizontally placed. The A4 size textbook can be displayed on it. The display stand is hidden when the door closed. 3. High integration of multi-functional wireless microphone, multimedia teaching host and physical display stand, stereo amplifier, intelligent central control system, delay shutdown system and speaker as one; 4. Computer configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5 processor, hard disk: hard disk: more than 500G solid SSD 32G, 4G memory, wireless network card (optional). Solid state disk and wireless network card are on-board PCI-E interfaces, and USB or SATA interfaces are not accepted. 5. In response to the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, the power of the whole machine is less than 150W; 6. Built-in 2.4G multi-functional wireless microphone can be held by hand or equipped with head-mounted microphone to speak, and different frequency points can be automatically selected to meet the teaching needs of non-interference when used in 100 classrooms at the same time; Multi-function wireless microphone with laser pointer, PPT up/down page function button and volume adjustment button, wireless control of the computer running up/down PPT pages, and microphone volume. 7. Built-in 2x20W stereo digital power amplifier adopts DSP digital chip and BLP digital feedback amplification technology, intelligent detection sampling, automatic detection and adjustment of microphone volume gain, automatic search of noise frequency point to complete the suppression of sound feedback. It has power output and audio output interface. 8. built-in delay power off function, when the "power" button is pressed, you can leave while the device is directly turned off, no need to wait for the projector bulb cooling for power off, the system will automatically delay 90 seconds after power off. 10. Built-in physical display platform: shooting size: A4(210mm*297mm)/ scanning speed: 1 second/resolution: 5 million/image color: 24 bits/image format: JPEG,TIF,PNG,GIF,BMP/ video format: AVI format/interface: USB2.0, No external power/light source: natural light +LED light (service life: 3000 hours)/image control: brightness adjustment, exposure adjustment, sharpness adjustment, color adjustment, gain control, etc. / text recognition: OCR recognition function/can write or annotate the presentation notes directly on the screen or electronic whiteboard. 11. Device interface: VGA IN*2, VGA OUT*1, HDMI IN*1, HDMI OUT*1, Audio IN*2, Audio OUT*2, USB*6, LAN*1, AC IN*1, AC OUT*1 Qualification requirements 1. The product has passed 3C, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 certification and CE FCC, ROSH certification, video booth software Copyrights; Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited Add.: 7 Zhenghe Rd., Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China. 528322 Mobile: +86-13928284736 Email: QQ: 2736008415 Skype: Won Chen
Price: 30 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Schools,distributors
Category: Consumer goods , Category: Electronics


Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited

About company: Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited produces advanced and modern multimedia digital education equipments for schools,colleges, universities and kindergartens; conference equipments for offices, meeting tooms. Products include: LCD all in one touch display screen, interactive electronic whiteboard, all in one machine, smart board, lecturing system, laser projector, multimedia lectern/podium and other traditional education equipment e.g. black board, green board, white board, chalk board, writing board, desk and chair for clasroom and board room, table and stool for canteen, dormitory and library facility, etc. We build complete projects of intelligent digital multimedia classrooms and meeting rooms, special purpose classrooms, e.g. Geometry classroom, and provides solutions of intellectual campus, multimedia education, conference system. Project and product inquiry Mr. Ryan1 Chen: Mob. +86-13928284736. Email: More details:
Company address: 7 Zhenghe Rd., Foshan, Guangdong, China
Phone: +86-13928284736

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