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Livestock semi-trailer

Description: This livestock trailer was designed farmers who look for an easy and quick ways to carry animals. Livestock trailers have hydraulic system that recline trailers down. Customers can choose best inside layout from 2 until 5 inside room, side door in the right or left .
Price: 4 110.00 Eur/t
Payment: Bank


UAB ,,Dinapolis''

About company: Produce of a new agricultural technique: germinators from 3.6 to 7 m. diameter of the working, compaction rollers, semi-trailers, trailers, bale transportation semi-trailers, animal transport trailers, harrows, containers, silage cutting blades, various buckets, crates animal care, as well as renovated old agricultural implements: 2PTS-9 3PTS-13 semi-trailers, produces different metal structures according to customer preferences. The main purpose of our company is to provide high-quality and low-cost agricultural machinery repair and manufacturing services.
Company address: Stasiūnai, Kaišiadorys
Phone: + 370 61699606

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