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Product Product photo Price Country of origin
Condensed milk 1.00 Eur Other
Washing powder Minusai and Aldo 7.00 Eur Other
Teas and spices with flowers 1.00 Eur Poland
Canopy StarkeDACH R arch 67.00 Eur Lithuania
Canopy StarkeDAC T straight 55.00 Eur Lithuania
Canopy StarkeDACH L curved 55.00 Eur Lithuania
Christmas gifts - kibinai 1.00 Eur Lithuania
Kibinai Christmas gifts 1.00 Eur Lithuania
Recruitment services 18.00 Eur Lithuania
Harney & Sons 9.40 Eur Lithuania
Sofa Killer onesies and loungewear 40.00 Eur Lithuania
Organic Fertilizer 2.50 Eur Estonia
Wooden windows, exterior doors 500.00 Eur Lithuania
All Purpose Cleaner 1.30 Eur Other
Black board,chalk board,white board,writing board 1 000.00 Eur Other
meeting pad 4 000.00 Eur Other
interactive electronic whiteboard 3 000.00 Eur Other
multimedia education equipment 3 000.00 Eur Other
Sensory Rooms 20 000.00 Eur Other
RAIDO Extra 5W-30 /ACEA: C2-12 /C3-12 API: SN 2.80 Eur Finland
RAIDO Extra 5W-30 /ACEA: C2-12 /C3-12 API: SN 2.80 Eur Other
Victoria Bed Single Satin Black 280.99 Eur Other
Aluminium Windows and Doors 1.00 Eur Lithuania
Aluminium Facades 1.00 Eur Lithuania
Winter gardens 1.00 Eur Lithuania
AIVA 9001 Manufacturing software 30 000.00 Eur Lithuania
Siberian Larch Production 530.00 Eur Lithuania
SOFIA COMPACK doors 830.00 Eur Lithuania
T-shirt 4.00 Eur Lithuania
Bioderma Sensibio H2O 500 ml 7.99 Eur Other