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Thickness gauge T600

Description: Ultrasonic thickness gauge TG600 has been constructed in order to speed up inspections. The electromagnetic head applied in it allows elimination of the coupling medium, which makes the measurement taking faster and the results more reliable. Due to the contactless measuring the state of the surface does not affect the result. The object being inspected can be corroded, or covered with loose splinters or a paint coating. Advantages of the system: - measurements in high temperatures, – measurements without a couplant,– testing of austenitic welds,– testing with surface waves,– measurements of stresses, loads and grain sizes,– detection of defects and corrosion. Our company realizes individual ofert, solves untypical problems and provides a complete service from idea to implementation. More information about our company and products is available on our website: For any questions, please contact with us by email: or by telephone: 0048 12 444 63 20
Price: 0.00 Eur/kg
Payment: Other



About company: The research and development activity is the driving force behind our company. We solve unique problems within the scope of non-destructive testing. We specialise in manufacturing dedicated diagnostic equipment. Our systems operate based on ultrasonic and eddy-current testing. Our solutions have applications in among others the automotive, power and shipbuilding industries.
Company address: Cracow
Phone: 00 48 12 444 63 20

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