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Washing powder Minusai and Aldo

Description: Minusai washing powder is addressed to the agreement and those who value quality and aesthetics. They will be 10-11% of the witnesses of their quality. Powder enzyme powders for effective stain removal. Packed in a cardboard box of 3,7 kg and 7 kg. Washing powder ALDO UNIVERSAL is dedicated to all consumers appreciating quality and a relatively low price. This is the so-called average shelf. This powder contains 6.5% surfactants. Packed in a plastic bag of 3,7 kg and 10 kg. Efficiency, convenient packaging, unusual design, low price make this new product extremely attractive in every market.
Price: 7.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank
Looking for: distributors, wholesalers
Category: Chemicals , Category: Household chemicals




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