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Auto Parts Starmann-Germany

Description: Wholesale engaged in more than 20 years! Company STARMANN-Germany is engaged in wholesale of new spare parts for passenger cars for European, Japanese and Korean. We cooperate with companies importing from the EU, Russia, CIS, North Africa, Latin America and Canada. Our warehouses are located in Germany and Poland . STARMANN-Germany product groups: - Bearing kits and hub units – 1200 items - Shock absorbers and dust cover kit – 1800 items - Suspension and steering parts – 2000 items - Rubber-metal parts for suspension, shock absorbers, engine – 2000 items - Brake pads and discs – 2500 items - Tensioners pulley – 1000 items Warranty on all products! +48606657451
Price: 1 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1
Payment: Bank


Starmann-Germany GmbH


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