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Automatic Longitudinal Polisher GR04 for low stress finish surface

Description: Polishers ver. GR04 is applicable for polishing material e.g. preparation of samples for fatigue tests. The polishers can reduce surface residual stress after grinding. The whole process is controlled by application through touchscreen. The main advantages: • electronic control of process, • longitudinal surface polishing, • low stress tooling, • possibility of polishing different element geometry.
Price: 0.00 Eur/kg
Payment: Other



About company: The research and development activity is the driving force behind our company. We solve unique problems within the scope of non-destructive testing. We specialise in manufacturing dedicated diagnostic equipment. Our systems operate based on ultrasonic and eddy-current testing. Our solutions have applications in among others the automotive, power and shipbuilding industries.
Company address: Cracow
Phone: 00 48 12 444 63 20

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