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Bog oak veneer

Description: Bog Oak veneer: color - black. Available in Crown-Cut and Quarter-Cut. Available Width: 80-400 mm. Length: 800-3100 mm. Available Thickness: 1.0 mm; Special kiln dried to 8% (±2%) humidity. GRIGO Bog Oak is being produced from fresh cut oak under a patent pending, unique, environmentally friendly technology - replicating the same natural process - conditionally in short time (1-6 months, depends on thickness) converting fresh oak wood to bog oak. No amonia treatment, not smoked, no paint used - 100% natural and environmentally friendly bog oak veneer, lamella, planks and boards - made in EU.
Price: 10.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Other
Category: Timber , Category: Other
Grigo Bog Oak veneer & lamella
Grigo Bog Oak veneer & lamella




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