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Chrysanthemum Tea

Description: CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA Ingredient : Chrysanthemum (70%), Black Tea (15%), Noni root (10%), Licorice (5%). Packing : 2g/teabag X 25 teabags/Box X 50 Boxes/Carton Benefits : Help cooling-heat, detoxify, cooling-liver, reduce dizziness, red-eyes, suitable for weak-eyes, often shed tears, liver problems. Recommended dosage : 2 - 3 teabags daily Preparation instruction : Place a teabag into a cup of boiled water (150ml) and brew 3 – 4 minutes (add ice if you prefer a cold drink).
Price: 0.82 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 5 000
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Importers of Herbal Tea and Instant Tea
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Coffee and tea



About company: We are manufacturer and exporter of Herbal Tea and Instant Tea in Vietnam. Currently we are manufacturing and exporting many types of Herbal Tea and Instant Tea both under our own brand names and customers' own brand names.
Company address: No. 8, Street 172, Group 5, Binh My Ward, Cu Chi District, HCMC, Vietnam.
Phone: 0084907963239

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