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Durable greenhouses for great prices from 2x3m to 4x10m

Description: Quality greenhouses for great prices Averto offers sturdy, quality film greenhouses for avid gardeners. If you cannot decide, which greenhouse is more appropriate for your garden works, we will help you to find the best one! We offer spare parts, such as greenhouse film and frame pipes. Benefits of film greenhouse Galvanized frame is protected from corrosion. Film is lightweight, flexible and elastic. Low costs. Improved ventilation. Simple installation. Easily movable and durable construction. In winter, after the film is removed, the soil will remain in the natural micro-climate, which is necessary for good harvest. Choose the best greenhouse for you! CITADELE Greenhouses are highly valued for their durability and quality even among demanding German, Swedish and Norwegian clients. The frame is made from galvanized steel pipes, 32 mm in diameter, providing durability even in the most humid and salty environments. ALBO Greenhouses are made of white polyethylene film. These greenhouses are cooler in summers. Both ends of the greenhouse are fitted with doors and windows for ventilation. NOVA Greenhouses are fitted with reinforced green film, which has an increased mechanical durability and is less susceptible to UV radiation. Suitable for early garden works. We are the only ones in the Baltics to offer the most popular greenhouse in Latvia - greenhouse PORTA. Tunnel greenhouses with reinforced film are fitted with a frame door on one end and with a zipper for ventilation on the other end. Great protection against wind and bad weather. Easy and convenient installation Delivery in time of 2-6 days. Easily constructed and sturdy frame. Convenient to store and move. We provide a detailed installation guide and a video guide on our web page.100
Price: 140.00 Eur/pcs
Special price: 120.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Max. Quantity per Month: 1 pcs
Payment: Bank
Averto greenhouses
Averto greenhouses


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