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Eco Touch Leather Care

Description: Leather you will love! Eco Touch Leather Care combines the finest plant-based ingredients to clean and condition your leather surfaces. Using the latest advances in green chemistry, we have developed a formula which safely removes dirt and grime while replacing lost oils. Your leather is left soft, supple and restored with its original natural sheen. So you need just one product taking care of your leather instead of several ones! TIP. It is also very good for cleaning wooden surfaces. Features: cleans and conditions in one easy step pH balanced formula for auto and furniture surfaces pleasant almond fragrance Directions: Remove loose dirt from leather upholstery. Shake the bottle well. Squeeze liquid onto a soft towel (cotton or terry). Gently rub towel in circular motion to clean and condition. Buff immediately with second cloth. Test first on surface to ensure surface compatibility. Not for suede. What's inside? Filtered water, coconut-based cleaning and conditioning agents (cety ester emulsion), vegetable glycerin, cantan gum, fragrance oil blend, preservative. Available sizes: 500 ml ready to use 5 l ready to use 20 l, 208 l ready to use (for professional use only)
Price: 4.36 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 6 pcs
Payment: Bank, Payment: Paypal
Category: Chemicals , Category: Paint and autochemicals



About company: Ekoeuropa is a manufacturer and distributor of ecological, environment-friendly and bio-degradable products with a vision to become the largest and most trusted distributor of nature-friendly goods in Europe. Our company started with car-care products as an exclusive distributors of Eco Touch products for Europe with plans to expand with other product lines (home care, marine and motorbike.) in coming years and to complete our mission to preserve natural resources and to provide customers with the products that have a minimum negative impact on the environment. At the moment we are looking for local distributors in European countries for Eco Touch products.
Company address: Titnago str. 12, Vilnius, 02300
Phone: +37063331831

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