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Eco Touch Microfiber Cloth

Description: Our super-soft microfiber cloths make car cleaning easier, without worrying about scratching or swirl marks. No more old t-shirts or abrasive towels! TIP. We usually use microfibers for car‘s interior and exterior cleaning and buffing, as well as various surfaces at home. We don't even use any water for cleaning the surfaces that are only covered with dust layer! Features & Benefits: use wet or dry dirt grabbing and dust-busting hold seven times their weight in water clean metal, glass, wood or vinyl can be washed either by hand or using washing machine (at 40° C) reuse this microfiber towel for the main cleaning up to 50 times! You can use it afterwards for interior cleaning or buffing. Cloth types (composition: 80/20 polyester/polyamide): •Microfiber cloth, 40 x 40, 300 GSM (grams per square meter). •Microfiber cloth, 40 x 40, 350 GSM. •Windows microfiber cloth, 40x40, 300 GSM. Available colors: •Dark Blue (350 GSM) •Dark Red (350 GSM) •Green (300, 350 GSM) •Light Yellow (300, 350 GSM) •Light Blue (300, 350, 300 windows GSM) Pre-soak in a bucket of warm water and dish detergent to help loosen the dirt particles. Launder in your washing machine with detergent, separate from any other type of fabric. Do not use any bleach or fabric softener when you clean the microfibers. We suggest you to letting your microfiber towels to air dry instead of using the dryer.
Price: 0.75 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank, Payment: Paypal
Category: Textiles and clothing , Category: Home textile



About company: Ekoeuropa is a manufacturer and distributor of ecological, environment-friendly and bio-degradable products with a vision to become the largest and most trusted distributor of nature-friendly goods in Europe. Our company started with car-care products as an exclusive distributors of Eco Touch products for Europe with plans to expand with other product lines (home care, marine and motorbike.) in coming years and to complete our mission to preserve natural resources and to provide customers with the products that have a minimum negative impact on the environment. At the moment we are looking for local distributors in European countries for Eco Touch products.
Company address: Titnago str. 12, Vilnius, 02300
Phone: +37063331831

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