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Energy saving products for cooling and refrigeration sysytems

Description: SMART COOLING™ Technologies uses a unique and effective technology the adiabatic precooling panel to reduce the energy consumption of the air cooled HVAC equipment and to increasetheir efficiency. In our approach to design the product, we took physics and principles of the adiabatic cooling process and created a product that saves our customers around 30% on their energy bill and boosts cooling capacity to air-cooling chillers. The SMART COOLING™ adiabatic precooling panel system is the most effective energy-saving technology available on the market. During the last years, the outdoor temperature during summertime has considerably increased. The cooling systems’ capacity, very often, has not been planned for such a change. As a result,many cooling systems are used at their maximum output capacity, which results in a lack of cooling capacity, sharp increase in energy consumption, and high cost to maintain the system. The SMART COOLINGTM adiabatic precooling panels eliminate this problem. The cooling systems can work efficiently even when the temperature outdoors reaches over 120° F. The SMART COOLINGTM adiabatic precooling panels can cool the air before it reaches the condenser to as low as to 70° F, which results in energy savings of up to 30% and increased efficiency of up to 25%.In summertime, cooling systems can consume up to 50% of energy in buildings. This cost can be reduced significantly with the SMART COOLING™ adiabatic precooling panel system. The return on investment with our system is 12-24 months, and combined with a 36-month of warranty, the SMART COOLINGTM adiabatic precooling panel system is the best offered product in industry.
Price: 4 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Payment: Bank
Looking for: distributors/agents for export




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