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Gearboxes for freight transport

Description: We supply used tractor units, trucks, freight transports gearboxes. For MAN TGA, VOLVO FH12 FH, DAF XF95 XF105, RENAULT MAGNUM PREMIUM, MERCEDES BENZ ATEGO, SCANIA R124, IVECO STRALIS EUROTECH CURSOR and others. 2015 10 28 we can offer: gearbox VT2412B VOLVO FH12 gearbox ZF 12AS 2130 TD MAN TGA gearbox 12AS 1800 DD IVECO CURSOR gearbox 12AS 1800 DD IVECO EUROTECH gearbox 4106A RENAULT PREMIUM gearbox AT2412C VOLVO FH gearbox AT2412C VOLVO FH12 gearbox G6-60 MB ATEGO 815 gearbox G85-6/6, 7-0, 73 MB ATEGO 1823L gearbox GRS 900 SCANIA R124 gearbox R1700 VOLVO FH12 <2000 M. gearbox R1900 VOLVO FH12 <2000 M. gearbox su retarderiu ZF 12AS 2141 TD DAF XF95 gearbox ZF 12 AS 2130T DAF XF105 gearbox ZF 12AS 2130 DD MAN TGA gearbox ZF 12AS 2130 MAN TGA gearbox ZF 16 S 181 DAF XF95 gearbox ZF 16AS 2601 OD IVECO STRALIS gearbox ZF 16S 181 DAF XF95 <2002 M. gearbox ZF 16S 181 DD MAN TGA gearbox ZF 16S 221 DAF XF95 gearbox ZF 16S 221 RENAULT MAGNUM gearbox ZF 16S 2221TD MAN TGA gearbox ZF 16S-1920 TD MAN TGA gearbox ZF 16S-2220 TD MAN TGA >2006 M. gearbox ZF ECOSPLIT 16S 221 IT RENAULT MAGNUM gearbox ZF S5-42 MAN 8.153 gearbox ZF S5-42 MB 814 gearbox ZF S5-42 MB ATEGO 815 gearbox ZF16S2323TD DAF XF105 The price depends on quantity and models.
Price: 2 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Max. Quantity per Month: 3 pcs
Payment: Bank, Payment: Paypal, Payment: Other


UAB "Diodenas"


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