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Description: Éclairs or profiteroles are choux pastry cakes which were served exclusively to the French king’s table from the early 19th century. It is believed that éclairs were first made by Marie-Antoine Carême, a famous pastry chef for French royalty. The first known recipe for éclairs was ordered by Mrs. D.A. Lincoln and published in the Boston Cooking School Cook Book in 1884. Since then, the éclairs recipe remained virtually unchanged, maintaining all the basic features of productions. The day of éclairs is celebrated on June 22. The origin of this celebration is currently unknown. A crispy shell and the cream filling of Gustum’s Heavenly éclairs create an exceptional harmony of taste for a unique experience enjoying this product. For a long time technologists of Gustum experimented and searched for the recipe of the cream filling, until it allowed for the shell of the éclair to remain crispy and for the filling not to be soaked into the éclair, so that the éclair does not become soft or cave. At the same time the éclair protects the cream from drying.
Price: 1.50 Eur/
Special price: 1.25 Eur/
Min. Order Quantity: 960
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Reseller
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Frozen products




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