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Hot smoked SKANULIO GERMAN sausage

Description: Premium quality
Price: 0.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Meat products


ZUB Nematekas

About company: “Nematekas” is a meat processing company that has been operating successfully in Lithuania for 21 years already. “Nematekas” started its activities in 1994 and gradually grew into a large meat processing company, producing over 80 tons of meat every day. Over 20 years “Nematekas” has visibly expanded the scope of activities and the assortment. Currently there are more than 600 employees in “Nematekas”. The company’s annual turnover grows by 25 % every year. “Nematekas” offers high quality smoked, cooked or dried processed meat products, raw or frozen poultry, and various types of burgers or nuggets. Our experience, knowledge, modern equipment and the newest technologies applied, make it possible for us to produce tasty meat products of high quality that have already been appreciated not only by Lithuanian clients but customers from foreign countries as well. In 2000, “Nematekas” was one of the first companies in Europe and the only one in Lithuania to start using probiotic cul­tures, biologically useful ingredients, in the production of cold smoked and dried sausages. We are the first company on meat processing market to produce „Jokių-E“(„E-free“) sausages and sausages with probiotic cultures and without any additives or preservatives. “Nematekas” has been oriented to the production of healthier food. This is a new tendency in meat processing, therefore the technologists of the company are working together with the scientists of Food Institute of Kaunas Technological University, and new advanced technologies ensuring high quality products and added value are being implemented. “Nematekas” offers to consumers over 250 names of pork, beef and chicken products.

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