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a leading manufacturer of Acrylic bathtub and shower tray

Description: Xinda Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Acrylic bathtub and shower tray, we could offer you best quality with competitive price. Herewith please find our competitive offer as flws: Cast Iron Bathtub 1000x700x360 1200x700x390/420 1400x700x390 1500x700x/390/420 1600x700x/390 1700x700x/390/420 1700x750x420 1700x800x420 1800x800x420 Acrylic bathtub 1000x700x360 1200x700x360/390 1400x700x360/390 1500x700x360/390 1600x700x360/390 1700x700x360/390 Corner bath 1000x1000x400 1100x1100x400 1200x1200x400 1300x1300x400 1400x1400x400 Shower trays 700x700 800x800 900x900
Price: 89.00 Eur/pcs
Special price: 89.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 500 pcs
Max. Quantity per Month: 8 000 pcs
C/O(certificate of origin)
Payment: Bank
Looking for: buyer
Special offers: 500


Xinda Industrial Co.,Ltd.


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