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Lure boxes

Description: Little tiny boxes made to store live fishing lure at winter ice fishing.
Price: 0.45 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 100
Max. Quantity per Month: 5 000
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Export our production to foreign countries
Category: Handicrafts


UAB ,,Zumpė'' ir ko

About company: ,,Zumpe ir Ko'' was established in 1997 and since then we are producing classic fishing equipment such as fishing spoons, spinners, floats and more like that. The shapes of our fishing spoons were made in early 60’s by soviet union factories. In those days more than 100 000 fishing spoons were produced per day and spread all over the world from Siberia to Cuba. When soviet-union broke we bought those stamps and continue traditions of producing classic fishing equipment. At the moment we are making 36 different style fishing spoons and about 30 different kind of fishing equipment such as floats, spinners, lure retrievers etc.
Company address: Gaurės g. 31b, Tauragė LT-72343 Lithuania
Phone: +37069164120

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