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Description: China Zinc Alloy M Lock Manufacturer: Zinc alloy M1-Lock, Creative Design with Smart Disc & Tumbler, Multi Internal Security Mechanism, Bright Chrome. Name: M1-Lock, one type of M Lock. Material: Zinc alloy. Finished: Bright chrome. Key combination: 6,000,000,000. M Lock Applications: Intellectualized terminal equipment, metal/wooden cabinet, underground strobe, vending/game machine, locker, AD showcase, coin-op, mail box & tools box, street kiosk, furniture, POS, parking meter etc. M-Locks Specialty: 1. Over 6 billion key code and unique key shape. 2. Multi-internal security mechanism. 3. Creative design with smart disc & tumbler.
Price: 2.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Paypal
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Category: Building materials , Category: Windows and doors


Xiamen Make Locks Manufacturer Co., Limited


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