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Mirrors with frames

Description: Mirror is much more than a practical interior detail. Today mirror has a much greater significance - it is a special decoration element which allows to completely change your interior. Framed mirrors create an aura of luxury.
Price: 0.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Other
Category: Furniture , Category: Interior goods



About company: Our Company is well known to Lithuanian consumers that are interested in various structures of glass, sheet glass, mirrors, glassware, glass-processing services as well as replacement services of vehicle glass. Main activities of the Company: - Production of glass and mirror products (glass tables, shelves, commercial equipment, aquariums, shower cabins, glass souvenirs) according to the wholesale orders and retail/individual orders. - Production and installation of frameless structures of hardened glass (partitions, glass facades, etc.). - Production and installation of other hardened-glass products (sauna doors, glass floors, handrails, staircases). - Design, production and installation of wardrobes and sliding door systems. - Services of glass processing and decoration. - Sale of vehicle glass. Replacement services of vehicle glass.
Company address: VarniĊ³ 48B, Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 37 310 779

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