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Multimedia Digital Classroom with Video Recording Systems

Description: 1.10 Resource Management Platform 1. On-line Share 1) Quick classification on the resource by hot, latest, hits. 2) The resources can be navigated according to school, subject, grade, lecturer, key video, micro-course. 3) Possible setting of navigation by various classifications for display of resource. 4) Overall searching, fuzzy query or group query according to key words of school, subject, title, lecturer, etc. 5) Users can learn through various mobile terminals by login the platform whenever and wherever possible; break the limit of time and space. 2. Image Behavior Analysis During course recording, besides obtaining the course video resource, data of S-T teaching behavior line graphs and pie graphs are created, proportion of course time of teacher and students during the class, proportion of teacher writing and PPT, it is convenient for a teacher to make reference to the above mentioned objective data and make a horizontal self-comparison, learn from excellent teachers, providing powerful resources for teaching and research later on. 3. Play on three-split screens On the basis of playing normal single video course, the system provides 3-split courseware for online learning, which consists of teacher video, students video and teaching file video. Because the 3-split courseware is that the teacher video conforms to the PowerPoint presentation, the teaching effect is very close to live class. 4. Virtual Slices, Fabrication of Micro-course Provide the function of editing and virtual slice of the online video online courseware, divide excellent course resources into 3-5 minutes video according to knowledge points or titles. Knowledge points video are organized by subjects, grades and progress, provide students convenient and targeted programs while using network video resources for study. Also you can use the professional micro-course recording tools to make small video and send it to the platform for study. 5. Streaming Live Broadcast The system can broadcast the video, audio and computer screen from the scene, users do not need to install any plug-ins and watch the live video broadcast from browser or Wechat platform. During the broadcasting, users can interact online like QQ mode, and ask questions about different things, comment or online scoring. After broadcasting, the live content can be saved to the teacher’s personal space automatically, it is convenient for the teacher to manage and post. 6. Application of network teaching and research With the popularity of network technology, school developed from pure classroom teaching to multimedia teaching activities combined with network class. Teacher and students can use the resource management platform to live broadcast and request the broadcasting on network, demonstration on teaching, remote learning, remote interactive teaching, etc. view, emulate and learn anytime and anywhere, no limit of space and time, set up a platform to learn from each other, and share the teaching resources. Setup of Interactive teaching and research is applied for by users, incl. upload of teaching and research courseware, courseware, setting of members of the teaching and research group and the targeted evaluation programming. Various evaluation programming can be preset. 7. Interactive Teaching by multi-participators Each recording and broadcasting classrooms can join the multi interaction directly, convenient for the students to accept different teachers class, understand the content of course from different point of view; different excellent courses from different schools complement and common progress; Improve teachers' teaching level through communication. 8. Answer questions and communicate online In the learning process, you can ask questions in real time, others will answer, it is convenient to learn. You can comment on the courseware, for the study of later students. 9. Mobile teaching The resource management platform supports cross-platform access, you can visit and learn from the browser on the mobile devices of mobile phones and tablet computers, etc. 10. Personal Space After login or the background administrator releases the log in account and the password, the user can enter his own personal space. The personal space provides the functional modes of personal homepage, curriculum management, classroom management, statistic data, etc. Personal homepage contains my network disk mode, my question/answer mode, and personal data management mode, my network disk contains personal uploaded resources, public resources, etc. In the meantime, upload and download of courseware videos is supported; my question/answer mode appears all personal questions and answers in platform. Personal data are editable in the personal resources management mode, you can upload personal icon locally or take a photo from camera. Different participants have their suitable operation interface. As a student, you can save the curriculum you like, ask questions during your studying or help others answer questions, easy to revise your personal information. During studying, the system will record the student’s studying process and progress, helps to continue the last study in coming login. As a teacher, you can upload the superior teaching resources, post curriculum, see the questions your students ask, and answer the questions online interactively. 11. Tour class online and headmaster evaluate After finish the construction of the recording classroom, it is managed and controlled by the cloud recording platform built in the management control center and the resource management platform. The management control center controls the front recording classroom by monitoring, recording, live broadcasting through the server and resource management platform. The administrator logs in the cloud recording platform through webpage. The left side appears all the front recording classroom in the cloud recording system, the middle appears all the classrooms in preview pictures, the right side appears the control options for the designated classroom, the bottom appears all the cameras pictures in the designated classroom. The resource management platform with convenient and concise development concept, combines the most cutting-edge media streaming and control streaming control technology, set up area type control terminal, reach the target of simple operation and strong function. By the resource management platform, the school leaders can intuitively and conveniently watch the situation of the class, the administrator can conveniently and promptly do the operation of camera focusing, recording and broadcasting for the recording classroom which is under control.
Price: 70 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1
Max. Quantity per Month: 30
Hi-Tech enterprise,ISO9001,ISO14001
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Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited

About company: Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited produces advanced and modern multimedia digital education equipments for schools,colleges, universities and kindergartens; conference equipments for offices, meeting tooms. Products include: LCD all in one touch display screen, interactive electronic whiteboard, all in one machine, smart board, lecturing system, laser projector, multimedia lectern/podium and other traditional education equipment e.g. black board, green board, white board, chalk board, writing board, desk and chair for clasroom and board room, table and stool for canteen, dormitory and library facility, etc. We build complete projects of intelligent digital multimedia classrooms and meeting rooms, special purpose classrooms, e.g. Geometry classroom, and provides solutions of intellectual campus, multimedia education, conference system. Project and product inquiry Mr. Ryan1 Chen: Mob. +86-13928284736. Email: More details:
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