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Pellet press OGM-1,5A 1000 kg/hour

Description: Pellet press OGM-1,5A is intended to pelletize various materials. Qualification of material: they must be dry (no more 10-18% humidity, depends on material. Please contact us for more information) and small (partickles nor bigger than 1x3 mm size). We have tested our pellet press and it works with: straw, sawdust, peat, chicken manure, brown coal powder, plastic and cardboard mixture, grass flour, combined fodder for animals, canary grass, energy willows, cement mix, dried sugar-beet pulp, bran, sunflower husks and many more. The basic units include: 1. press with the batcher and mixer 2. screw transporter 3. bin, elevator 4. cooler 5. cyclone-ventilator 6. sorter 7. electric box 8. water system join 9. extra EKO filter Output, t/h -grass, compound feed, sugar beet up to 2,5 -pulp peat, manure, husk up to 1,8 -sawdust, straw up to 1,3 Demanded power, kW 99 Diameter of die holes, mm 1,8-14
Price: 91 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Max. Quantity per Month: 6 pcs
Payment: Bank
Special offers: Among project
Pellet press OGM-1,5A while working with straw set
Pellet press OGM-1,5A while working with straw set


Radviliskis Machine Factory

About company: JSC “Radviliskis Machine Factory” was established in 1949. It is the only factory in Baltic states which designs and produces equipment for pellets production. The factory also manufactures agricultural equipment and processes a variety of metalwork operations. Our products include: straw shredding and pellet producing equipment sets SSGL-1, pellet press OGM-1,5A, combines for picking berries USK-1 “JOVARAS”, seed treating equipment SBI-1, grain mills, fertilizer spreaders, mowers and other. The factory is capable of carrying out various types of metal processing. Our priority - high quality products and services. Products are certified and meet the EU requirements.
Company address: +37069995014
Phone: +37069995014

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