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Description: This paste is produced according to traditional, Tunisian recipes. It is soft, ready for hair removal, with no need for heating. Thanks to the hydrophilic recipe Sugar Epil System hair removal method is much safer and gentle than wax one. It is only manufactured from natural raw materials. We recommend using other products of the ROYX PRO series. Sugar pastes hair removal method is presented in details during ROYX PRO trainings.
Price: 30.00 Eur/pcs
Special price: 30.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 30 pcs
Max. Quantity per Month: 1 000 pcs
Payment: Bank
Looking for: distributions
Special offers: price is negotiable



About company: ROYX PRO means top quality. We are the company which aims at first class cosmetics and ROYX PRO sugar paste production. Our customers are offered the quality which is unique and found nowhere else in the world. We are both craftsmen and artists and we are here to create with passion. ROYX PRO may pride itself with the crewmade of keen enthusiasts of cosmetology as well as outstanding technologists. We set our sights on seeking new horizons, alternatives and possibilities in cosmetology. We never follow the path of the least resistance: our products are not stuffed with cheap and skin damaging ingredients which fill the shelves of our beauty shops. By purchasing our products, you can be 100% sure that you do not pay for the brand – that is the reason why we are not afraid of any competition at all. ROYX PRO owns a modern, professional laboratory where our products are made. Each and every one of them undergo microbiological, physical and chemical tests. The facilities in our headquarters meet all GMP standards ( Good Manufacture Practice ). We also retain THE TRAINING CENTRE where we coach cosmetologists and cosmetic technicians from all over the country and all over the world to carry out professional hair removal in our surgeries using our sugar paste. Trust the crew of ROYX PRO! We invite you to become familiar with our offer.
Company address: Sosnowiec ul.Plonów 24
Phone: 0048 323268035

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