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Scaffolding working deck Steel deck 3,07 x 0,32 Bauman Asco Alfix type NEW

Description: Fronts are made from the steel which thickness is 2mm., Surface of the planks is made from the steel S235JHR, and have thickness of 1,25mm (for your special wish we can produce planks with the thickness of 1,5mm), Planks are welded on the automatized welding station which guarantees the highest quality and reccurence, Our planks are hot-galvanized to eliminate the risk of rust.
Price: 33.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 60
Max. Quantity per Month: 3 000
European safety certificate, Swedish SP safety certificate, ISO
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Buyers


SLV GROUP SCAFFOLDING / Ciesle 31 b / 56-400 Olesnica/ Mobil 0048 533-687-987 (polish,german, english) Email:

About company: Company SLV GROUP, is the leading supplier of scaffoldings in Poland. We have many years of experience in the construction industry. Thanks to a strong position in the market we are able to offer you excellent quality products combined with attractive prices. We have our own production hall and for your convenience, we are able to produce even the most unusual items to the scaffolds. A stable construction of the scaffolding is friendly for people working at heights. __Our products have all the necessary certificates and meet safety standard___ We invite you to cooperation!
Company address: Ciese 31b 56-400 Oleśnica
Phone: 0048 533-687-987

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