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Screen Wash concentrate -80 C

Description: SCREEN WASH CONCENTRATE -80°C • Diluted 1:1 gives ready to use -27°C screen wash • It helps shift grime from the screen and ensures clear view. • Screen wash softens hard deposits so wipers could remove them better and contains ingredients to prevent smearing.
Payment: Bank
Category: Chemicals , Category: Paint and autochemicals



About company: We are successful professional Lithuania‘s company producing performance liquid for the vehicles. We offer high quality of cooling liquids, window detergents, cosmetics and other automotive fluids production for the vehicles. We also produce various concentrations of heat-carriers for the heating, cooling and conditioning systems, which help to ensure a stability of these systems functioning. Over the years, we produce about 8,000 tons of cooling liquids, detergents, windows, automotive beauty and other fluids for the vehicles.
Company address: Rudaminos str. 1a, LT-13275 Skaidiškės, Vilnius region., Lithuania
Phone: +370 665 17101

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