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Wood pellets

Description: UAB “Baltic Pellets” are wood pellets manufacturing company in Lithuania. We produce 6mm pellets only from conifer wood. First of all coniferous logs are debarked, then chopped to chips. These chips are dried, minced and pressed to pellets. We don’t use any glues or chemical additives, it is 100% natural wood fuel. Wood pellets have much less moisture than firewood, so it is more efficient fuel used for heating. Please contact by e-mail:, skype: baltic-pellets or
Price: 140.00 Eur/t
Min. Order Quantity: 24 t
Max. Quantity per Month: 1 000 t
EN+A1 certificate.
Payment: Bank
Looking for: buyers, customers, reseller, client, purchaser
Category: Timber , Category: Other


JSC Baltic Pellets

About company: JSC „Baltic Pellets“ was established in 2011 in Lithuania, near the town Anyksciai. Company manufactures high quality biofuel - 6mm wood pellets, which satisfies all EU standards, ENplus A1 quality standards. Wood pellets are made of high quality sawdust and shavings of debarked hardwood. The equipment used for pelleting satisfies all the EU requirements for safety and quality. For Your convenience our production is packed in the various size bags and there is no minimum order quantity. Company also sells all the equipment, which can be needed for the production of the wood pellets. JSC „Baltic Pellets“ is an official representative of MUYANG Group in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. JSC „Baltic Pellets“ goal is to supply the production which are only the high quality, environment-friendly and satisfies the highest standards and our client requirements.
Company address: Nemeirių k., Viešintų sen., Anykščių r. sav., 29325, Lietuva

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