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About us – first trade contacts and products platform in Baltic region with such innovative format.  This platform focuses on products information and prospects. Potential partners seeking for trade partners in Baltics here  can find different types of products and services from well-known products to new and emerging ones.  Here you can be seen not only for prospect partners outside your country, but also retailers from your country. platform focuses on small and mid-sized companies and we are ready to help to make first step to export. Producers and service suppliers here can advertise and get inquiries from all world potential partners!

Our exclusivity:

  1. We focus on product, not producer ;
  2. You can present and describe your product to potential partner;
  3. You can advertise all range of your products;
  4. Here you can sell small quantity to retailer or find permanent  trade partners;
  5. We manage active promotion of this site and products – it’s not only passive advertising!
  6. Our platform cooperates with many trade or similar organizations worldwide.


  1. Your product or service will be accessible to thousands potential partners worldwide;
  2. You will get inquiries about partnership from different countries worldwide;
  3. Cost-effective and easiest  way to expand your business and start exporting your products, services and ideas – this platform is the face of Baltic Export!!!
  4. Increase in turnover and profit;
  5. Many potential contacts – you will choose whom cooperate with;

We would welcome your support to expand this platform and make it most effective in Baltic region. For more detailed info about advertising please contact or phone +37067643360. We are ready to help you and hope to become your partners! You provide us support – we provide possibility to expand and be visible in the world!