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Logopaedic Aid "Sound ways"

Description: Contents: an order with 4 colourful A4-sized boards made of thick cardboard (1, 4 mm). Objectives: to improve proper breathing technique during speech, to develop speech mechanism, consolidate correct sounds articulation, to improve coherent language skills and spatial ability. Methodical recommendations: The addressee of the game is child, but the methodical recommendations are provided to speech therapist, teacher or another adult, who can explain the rules of the game. Instructions: A child takes the game board 'The Sun shines'. He breathes evenly, draws with his finger along the Sun rays, and articulates the sound 'S' –, short, long, longer. While doing the same activity on the other boards, a child can practise the sounds that are in the sentences: 'A bee buzzes', 'A snake sneaks', and ‘A car goes'.
Price: 3.75 Eur/g
Payment: Bank
Category: Consumer goods , Category: Toy


UAB "Gudragalvis"

About company: ‘Gudragalvis’ is a leading company in all Baltic states that creates, produces and distributes wide-ranging educational materials and training aids for children. It's brand 'Smartian' expresses an idea of a child who wants to acquire new knowledge, skills and discover the world.
Company address: Vieksniu str. 21, Mazeikiai
Phone: +370 673 92492

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