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multimedia education equipment

Description: Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited is an Hi-Tech enterprise and specializes in manufacturing multimedia digital education equipment, school facilities, office products in top quality. We produce complete range of education products, school products and office products, more than 25 years since establishment. The products are Hi-Tech and innovative, up-to-date, with own technology and patent. Products: multimedia education equipment, multimedia teaching system,educational equipment, teaching systems, electronic white board, interactive white board, black board, green board, touch screen, projector. school facilities, school chair, school desk, student bed. meeting room devices, meeting pad, projector.
Price: 3 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1
Max. Quantity per Month: 200
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Schools,distributors
Category: Hitech , Category: Other


Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited

About company: Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited produces advanced and modern multimedia digital education equipments for schools,colleges, universities and kindergartens; conference equipments for offices, meeting tooms. Products include: LCD all in one touch display screen, interactive electronic whiteboard, all in one machine, smart board, lecturing system, laser projector, multimedia lectern/podium and other traditional education equipment e.g. black board, green board, white board, chalk board, writing board, desk and chair for clasroom and board room, table and stool for canteen, dormitory and library facility, etc. We build complete projects of intelligent digital multimedia classrooms and meeting rooms, special purpose classrooms, e.g. Geometry classroom, and provides solutions of intellectual campus, multimedia education, conference system. Project and product inquiry Mr. Ryan1 Chen: Mob. +86-13928284736. Email: More details:
Company address: 7 Zhenghe Rd., Foshan, Guangdong, China
Phone: +86-13928284736

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