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Description: A crunchy caramel top, soft and spongy inside… What is it? It’s the wonderful French dessert, CANELES! Its origins date back to the 18th-century France. Then it was called 'canelas' or 'camelions'. The desert became popular again only in the 20th century, when one unknown French baker began making caneles using the old recipe, additionally adding vanilla and rum into the dough. These ingredients are also used today to make these classic French pastries which are popular all over the world. Our confectioners put all their experience and skill into bringing this French dessert, known for its unique shape and taste, on your table.
Price: 1.20 Eur/
Special price: 1.00 Eur/
Min. Order Quantity: 2 880
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Seller
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Beverages and juice




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