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Description: Doughnuts have a disputed history. The latest theory according to anthropologist Paul R. Mullins, the first cookbook mentioning doughnuts was an 1803 English volume which included doughnuts in an appendix of American recipes. By the mid-19th century, the doughnut looked and tasted like today’s doughnut, and was viewed as a thoroughly American food. Doughnuts are widely spread in the world having various types and forms and fillings. In Lithuania, a kind of doughnut called spurgos is widely known. Some spurgos are similar to Polish pączki, but some specific recipes, such as cottage cheese doughnuts (varškės spurgos), were invented independently. Gustum being lithuanian manufacturer is suggesting to taste not so much known version of curd doughnut which is becoming loved by other countries once tasted.
Price: 1.00 Eur/
Special price: 0.85 Eur/
Min. Order Quantity: 960
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Seller
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Pastries and bread




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